Public affairs

We help you persuade and find common ground with key constituencies, and build and maintain your reputation.

Non-Profit Org's

We support your efforts to advocate for your cause, engage with your membership and staff, and garner necessary resources.

Looking for a new angle? Trying to get traction? Maybe you need something different. Like an interactive architect who is also an actual architect? (You'll find him here.) Can your PR agency speak both legalese and Japanese?  日本語を話します We've found that different is better.

Results? Yes, we have a track record of success in each area of our practice. And while we're not splashing it all over our site (our clients like us under the radar), we are happy to discuss what we've done and can do for you.

Strategic Communications

We can show you how to

Engage media.

power your marketing.

Law & Litigation

We partner with your firm to develop media strategy along with legal strategy for your clients, and raise attorneys' profile.

unusual experience leads to

unexpected insights


We plug in to your founding team to accelerate revenue growth, attract investments and partners, and assess risks and opportunities.